Underwater by Lucy James


Hailing from Derby, UK, the soulful singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Lucy James. She’s back with her calming ballad, “Underwater.” That’s following “Cloudy Vision,” which she released last year.

Certain songs have hypnotizing powers. Once you listen to them, you find yourself enticed to close your eyes and dive into them. Undoubtedly, Lucy James’ “Underwater” has that effect. I’ve listened to the song during the day with the sun peeking out at my window, some noisy sounds are here and there, and daily tasks are running. And I’ve also played it with nothing besides me but darkness, and the ethereal voice of Lucy and the soothing harmonies spreading out like cold breezes. I don’t believe it’s a personal mood, but rather the atmosphere created by connecting with the song and sinking with it underwater.

The song starts with a relaxing water sound, the kind you hear and feel as if the ocean is hugging you. The single is a Pop, Jazz, and Soul hybrid, and that’s where Lucy James’ abilities are demonstrated. The poignant, blue lyrical theme conveys how emotional distance can grow in relationships such as friendships and feels like there’s a surface locking between you, yet the instrumentals send peace into hearts and make them feel warm. Connor Botherway-Hill’s smooth guitar playing, along with the piano’s jazzy vibe, the patting drumming with passionate strings and woodwinds, gives the best sentimental experience, especially because of how they combine with the clean, serene vocal line that portrays the hurtful process in a delicate manner.

“Underwater” is a song that takes one on a journey to the deepest parts of the ocean within themselves, then helps them return to shore. Enjoy the immersion!


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