Bryan Barnes

The latest single, ‘Witch Bitch’ by Bryan Barnes is out. This Hip Hop piece promises to be a timeless summertime anthem.

The intro already gives away easy-breezy vibes, the lyrics narrate the after party of heartbreak, and the lyrical skills are outstanding.

Most of the time, the vocals have an echoey effect, but overall are youthful and appealing, inviting all listeners to sing along. 

“At the core, this is a breakup song. I used fun and relatable lyrics within the theme of the person being a witch, though to give the song a more broad and universal sound rather than sad and depressing.” –Bryan Barnes.

Bryan Barnes is a singer-songwriter, mixing and mastering engineer. The Michigan-based artist says that his musical journey started with “freestyle rapping with friends and at house parties when I was younger, which evolved into making music more seriously in 2017.”

Marking 2022 as already five years of making music, Bryan blesses us with ‘Witch Bitch’, a smooth tune that fits different generations’ styles.

He finds inspiration in other rappers and artists like Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa, mixed with Pop-Punk bands like Blink-182. Also, Indie/ Alt bands such as M83 and Neon Indian. Looking back at his childhood, he also evokes his dad playing music around the house like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles.

“My goal is for people to feel empowered and boost the person’s vibe listening to my music.” –says Bryan.

Long story short,  ‘Witch Bitch’ has all the right components to a carefree, confident track to add to your go-to playlist: powerful verses that show Bryan’s skills in storytelling, lyricism and composing. The song also counts with a memorable chorus and a catchy melody. 


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