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You Don’t Know by August König

You Don’t Know by August König

The Stockholm-based August König has dropped the first of his 3 singles that he’s planning to release in the near future. Dedicated to his girlfriend, this release is gentle, delicate, sensible, and honest. Let’s find out more.

You Don’t Know is a chill, downtempo RnB cut that’s very sensual. Characterized by a lulling tempo that would be gorgeous to be danced to, the production style is very modern-vintage, perhaps taking a page out of the book of Bruno Mars and John Mayer, with the dynamic, organic drum sounds, and the stunning funk guitar licks that feature a prominent, sexy wah. Cliched, but oh so good.

The words are heartfelt and romantic, maybe not the most imaginative or inventive, but just like the overused wah, there’s absolutely nothing to fault here, it’s a tried-and-true formula that’ll just work. Perhaps the most distinctive part of the formula is August’s voice. a delicate tenor that’s fragile and exquisite.

The genuine, heartfelt warmth of this release will ensure that I personally return to it often. August König is a songwriter of tasty sensibilities and a memorable voice, and You Don’t Know is an effortlessly beautiful song.



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