300 by Leonardo Barilaro


Having released a captivating new song ‘ 300’ on the 27th of October, Saint Paul’s Bay, Malta-based pianist and aerospace engineer Leonardo Barilaro is a real inspiration when it comes to combining your favorite things to create something even more beautiful. The song was created In celebration of his project ‘Space Piano music every day, available on all platforms. 300 was inspired by the social-historical movie by  Zack Synder about the Spartans at the battle of Thermopylae. 

This instrumental electronic composition will leave you awestruck and surrender to the wonders of music. 300 is the kind of song you wanna let everyone listen to. It screams drama, sophistication, and mystery, all mixed with beauty as a binding element. The overall sound of the song is exceptionally theatrical, melodic, and full of passion. It also feels like you’re waiting for a beautiful doom to come. The musical arrangement is rich and fiery, with a medium pace. The soundscape is dark and orchestral, with synth space sound effects. The musical arrangement is rich, with heavy bassy piano as the star of the track and melody, and dramatic come-ups of drums that imitate the rhythm of the marching band drums. A notable sound is the high-pitch opera vocals sound effects that add texture to the track. You cannot miss this masterpiece.