35 Days By Maria Lane


Human touch is a key element of communication; without it, and without having any visual connection at all, feelings and words get blurred in the distance. That’s why many things go wrong in long-distance relationships, and this wouldn’t be the case if partners could see each other. Maria Lane portrays that issue, which not many mention, in her fresh release, “35 Days.” She offers aching reality and a hopeful future through her captivating vocals, poignant writing, and sparkly composition.

“35 Days” by the emerging artist Maria Lane is a bittersweet song that carries both the pain and hope that lie in distant relationships. What makes you connect with the song, even if you’ve never been in such a situation, is that Maria’s personalized music makes you feel like you are part of the story. She wrote the song based on a personal experience, and she’s singing it sincerely and passionately.

The intro is upbeat, which tricks you for seconds into thinking that this is a euphoric song; however, once Maria’s melancholic, soulful vocals enter, you get that this is a melancholic song with bright instrumentals to ease it up a little. The mesmerizing vocals are backed up with superb musicality and a dreamy Folk sound. The guitar chords harmonize well with the intimate vocal line, and the drumming adds a peppy touch to the sentimental atmosphere. The entire musical composition is lighthearted and energetic, but frankly, the vocals are haunting, and you won’t help but get emotional with the vulnerability of the performance.

Maria Lane started releasing music in 2021, but she’s definitely a pro! She writes and performs flawlessly, creating a warm, genuine soundscape. She sounds like Olivia Rodrigo but in her own distinct way. I can see that one day her star will shine like Rodrigo’s! She knows how to grab your attention and stir your emotions with her authenticity. You’ll be listening to the song, wishing along that the 35 days pass and all the disagreements fade away with one touch.

“35 Days” is an intense yet positive take to start September with and a teaser for an EP coming in October. Stay tuned! With what I’ve just heard, I’m sure it will be spectacular!


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