A Fork in a Road by CARPE DIEM


“Sometimes life seems like one big race on a road to nowhere”…this is the perfect life analogy that Hong Kong musical duo Carpe Diem embeds within their latest single “A Fork In The Road”…a beautiful slow rock musical and lyrical journey with a message to the world.

Carpe Diem is a two-piece band, Keith on the guitar and Ada on vocals… both work together on the musical arrangement…and they have a unique voice, sound, and message…they choose to go for a thought-provoking message, making people think and reflect about life itself.

“A Fork In The Road” is a song…no, it’s a musical and lyrical oddysee on life…and focuses on the parts of our life where we find ourselves right in front of a decision that stands in our way…however, the only thing we can do is to move forward, to decide and keep walking in life, whatever the bumps we might stumble upon or the ditches we might find ourselves in…we have to continue…maybe even into the unknown…but what is life, if not unknown and unpredictable?

“A Fork In The Road” takes this narrative and masterfully creates music that translates all of these emotions, with a slow and easy listening rock experience along with the vocals that sound very soothing, as if telling us “Go on, it doesn’t matter”…which actually, does happen…

…we heard it during the pre-chorus…”Life must go on, Just tell everyone I’ve gone and, wish me luck”…

The song also makes the most out of its rock direction with a beautiful outro solo that harkens to the best of times when the guitar solo told stories…a marvelous addition to an already excellent song.

“A Fork In The Road” also drops with a music video that embodies the concept of life and the passing of time by combining many real snippets from life itself… nature, the city, the people…and all is moving and as we advance, everchanging…a perfect visual storytelling made by the music video producer that editor, Cherry Chan.

Wishing all the artists the best in life, I can’t wait to hear and see more of what Carpe Diem is crafting…



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