A jamais by FACELESS


FACELESS has released their latest electro pop musical experience “A jamais” sweeping the music scene by storm with a very powerful sonic statement…and it’s just a blast.

The Australian musical project is from Uplifting Productions, creating song in different genres, this time they’re exploring the electro pop world and they’re making the whole world rock to their melodies and beats.

The song has a very bright and upbeat musicality to it…

Thumping and groovy synth bass lines…check…

Arpeggiated synths…check…

Bold 80s synth keys and stabs…check…

Super melodic vocal lines and uplifting lyrics…check…

“A jamais” is the kind of song that would take your day one step up, brighten it, make it a little better…so it’s welcome to play on my mobile, home stereo or car at any time.

The sounds, beats and vocals all work together to create a very melodic musical experience, building up and exploding into the most beautiful explosion of musical confetti…very colorful and full of life.

We can’t wait to see what FACELESS has next for the world…but we’re sure that if they keep this kind of musical passion and energy, their star will shine even brighter.

Wishing FACELESS all the best in the world. Cheers!


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