Action by Kurst


Rapper Kurst based in Toronto, Canada is amazing with his skill set, active imagination, and witty wordplay with his new song ‘ Action’, which will really inspire you with his creativity and unique sense of storytelling. Released on the 17th of March, this song is a hip hop and rap genre and is part of many of his specialty storytelling techniques which call for themes. Kurst loves focusing on a particular theme and using references like movies to illustrate and paint us a picture of what he feels, and his vision of the chosen idea. 

A moving mosaic, this song talks about drive and achievement Kurst talks about his hunger for achieving success in this song and does it in such a brilliant manner. In under three minutes, he was able to make a song with 37 movie references to explain his thoughts and feelings. If this isn’t real talent we don’t know what is. It takes a lot of artistry and attention to detail to be able to create such intricate pieces of music. The overall sound of the song is cool, and laidback with a lot of hard-hitting emotional feelings. You’re going to love how slow yet spicy the song is with his greatly confident and smooth bar-spitting skills. The musical arrangement is light and kind of nostalgic to a peaceful and lyrical rap style that is missing in most of the international rap scene these days. You’ve got chill hip-hop, almost lo-fi soundscape, with an abundance of synth sounds. You’ve got a slow and catchy melody made up of what seems to be a  flute sound effect on loop, mixed with some special muffled cymbals, a very light drum set, and snares. You’ve also got some magical sound effects that give off some stoner session vibes that tone down the ‘action’ in a sense. The lyrics are amazing with all these movie references and straight-up confidence in Kurst’s rap skills, and it’s definitely top on the hip-hop list. 


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