Album: Getting To Know Me by Cas du Pree

Lonneke Prins

Coming from the Netherlands, a talented soft voice started his journey 10 years ago. “Cas Du Pree” released his album “Getting To Know Me” on the 13th of May, 2022. He made this album about his past life and childhood. It got the writer emotional while writing the lyrics and described his feelings throughout the music that was made on this album. Every song has its own story, as you can feel the story in the words and see it in the playing of the right notes for such songs, as some have some jazz in them or touches of rock.

As I mentioned earlier, each and every song has a story, as if it’s out of his diary that he has told about the hardships that he faced. It was co-written with “Arron Storey,” who assisted Cas in telling his story in the way we hear it.

The song that caught my attention is “Too Little I love you’s,” which shows how touching he sings during this song. He seems to be speaking about a close best friend, whom he might have lost. The lyrics got into me in some way, thinking of the similarities. Also, the choice of music is beautifully blended together with some sax playing, as it adds a unique texture to this piece.

“Kelly” is dedicated to his sister, whom he lost. The lyrics gave a good picture of how it was really hard for them to go through this kind of tragedy. It doesn’t feel like a mellow melody; however, the grief and achiness of the loss of a beloved person have been delivered down to the words.

While “Ocean of Memories” has summed up how he managed to get over every memory he had during his lifetime, “waves that washed me away, a long goodbye, I’m still trying to make sense, to understand”…Quoting from his song describing how sometimes his memories get him down and the need for a wall to lean on with all of his stories.

Cas is giving out his feelings and stories to lconnect with his fans. The album “Getting to Know Me” is so thoughtful, with many songs that have different stories, such as the singles I have mentioned, and also,  “Differently,” “You beside me,” “A better me,” “Slow down boy,” “Will there be a stage.” Cas Du Pree is worth listening to with his soothing vocals.

Edited by: Viola Karmy


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