Album: UBU by UBU


The international artist collective UBU has paid tribute to co-founder Marco Trinchillo with the release of their latest album with the same name, “UBU”.

The 11-track project features artists from various backgrounds, including Hannah Saunders, FRNQ, Nicola Biondi, and Pieralberto Valli…UBU, founded by Marco Trinchillo and Mattia Mercuriali, began as a side project for their band “Amycanbe”.

The album “UBU” was produced over two years at “L’Amor Mio Non-Muore” studio in Forli, Italy…sadly, Trinchillo passed away at the age of 41 due to cardiac arrest, but he left a lasting impact on music and the visual arts.

…and “UBU” is paying tribute to Marco…

The album has a very artistic indie pop direction, very classy sounding, very new, very fresh…and it doesn’t take even a couple of seconds till you see that…from the very first moments of the very first song “Static,” you’ll get a taste of what an absolutely fresh and one-of-a-kind “UBU” will be…

…from one mood to another, “UBU” keeps the mood always fresh…and once again, it doesn’t take long for audiences to notice…actually, the second song “Over” takes the emotional experience into a completely different direction and it’s amazing and beautiful…we also get to experience some new musical elements and instruments with “Over”.

Not only is this album making pop music great once again, but it’s also not shy to take some experimental steps…like with “Distress Stream” and “Forest Guy”, the vocals surely takes a more avant-garde direction while the music complements this direction with beautiful beats, melodies, and hooks…we are witnessing the birth of a new genre here.

The album continues to maintain this monumental mix of moods, emotions, and energies across its 11 tracks, never failing to be full of surprises.

“UBU” is available on all platforms, so make sure you check it out right away, there are a lot of musical and lyrical surprises that await you.

Wishing all the best to the amazing collective UBU.





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