Album: Windbreaks & Waves by Josh Jensen


The latest release from Seattle-based musician Josh Jensen is the instrumental single “Windbreaks and Waves. The song is just under three minutes long, but through his technical playing of fingerstyle acoustic guitar you can feel the wind, waves, and the amazing concept that’s shown on the album artwork. 

The recording and production sound super professional and well-made, as we can hear fine details of  the guitar and its bright tone that made me suspect there’s more than one instrument playing. The choice to use little to no effects on the guitar makes this an amazing and pure sound that connects you with the artist and his vision so effortlessly.

All in all, this tune is a well-written, well-mixed, and well-thought-out release in general. How a straightforward progression can bring about all these honest and heartfelt emotions is beyond me. Whenever I want to chill by the beach in my summer vacation this amazing tune with country, folk, and classical vibes will definitely be on my playlist. Believe me when I tell you that this track carries a sense of peace inside it that’s unlike any other release I’ve heard this year.