All I’m Missing by Cassidy Dickens


The latest single by Cassidy Dickens is entitled “All I’m Missing” and it is a personal and heartfelt track filled to the brim with roots nostalgia.

The song begins with a soft and somewhat dark chord progression, which matches greatly with its emotional vocals of Cassidy. Her voice has many different qualities making the vocal line breathy and youthful, while still carrying the emotional weight of the song with adequate darkness for it.

The verse builds into the pre-chorus and chorus in a very well-thought and well-timed way, which serves to prove how great of a songwriter Cassidy is, and how the concept of singer-songwriter tracks will always have more balance and transitions that flow into each other than tracks have more than one composer and don’t aim to be as personal as this track.

The simplicity of the instrumentation is what gives this track its charm and sincere emotional delivery. The guitars and their backing strings here give this track an extra sense of fragility which works well with Cassidy’s amazing vocal work.

In conclusion, this is a track whose vocal work is composed of storytelling, and instrumentation that is simple and easy to follow. It’s safe to say that it brings back the good old days of the singer-songwriter genre that everyone loves.