Ambarian – You’re Always With Me (Crosstik Remix) by Crosstik


Artist Crosstik released a rich and trippy hardcore remix of Ambarian’s song “You’re always with me” on the 3rd of November from Pheonix, US. Completely changing the vibe when Ambarian sent him stems to his song, Crosstick immediately dressed it up in a suitable and amazing EDM interpretation of it. Ambarian is a songwriter and Connor daily is the producer, and their influences include artists like Flume and OAKK. 

This song is surprisingly the perfect balance mix of soft and loud. Not your typical love song, you’re always with me really hits you with intense waves of emotions that make you feel helpless and sometimes drowning in love. With a slightly dark undertone, the overall sound of the song sucks you into a mess of a happy, noisy atmosphere with an edgy feeling of thrill. It’s almost like a sonic experience of a dark love fantasy. The soundscape is a heavy sonic, savage and magical one, that creates a subtle psychedelic effect in the song. The musical arrangement is complex, with lots of drums and electric guitar distortion, as thrashy and explosive sounds. The rhythm is slow-paced, with a soft melody made up of magical sound effects which are very prominent in the song.  The vocals are smooth and hypnotizing and go hand in hand with the hazy beat of the song. Don’t miss your chance to experience a colored dark and slow love song with this one.