Analog Dreams by JPRIZM


Straddling the fine line between vaporwave and synth wave, ‘Analog Dreams offers an intoxicating atmosphere with deep-hitting grooves, infectious fills, enticing textures, and a wealth of character.

 From JPRiZM, a Boston-based composer, producer, and keyboardist, and a one-man band of sorts, we have ‘Analog Dreams’. A brand-new release that we seriously began to dig into right from the get-go. Starting with the effervescent synth textures and extremely tight production jobs, it was clear from the start that ‘Analog Dreams’ was a serious piece of music that would have a lot to offer, and a lot is indeed on offer.

 For an instrumental, ‘Analog Dream’ borrows from M83, Tycho, Phil France, and more composers and producers in the synthwave genre. And for an instrumental song to remain entertaining and compelling for 4 and a half minutes, JPRiZM had to be creative with his sound design, neatly crafting synth textures and then assigning melodies that fit them. The result is an extremely cohesive song that feels as if something new is about to happen every four bars, and even if that doesn’t happen, it’s the dynamic sensation that counts. ‘Analog Dreams’ is a piece that lives and moves, introducing parts while retiring others, all while supported by a gorgeously mixed beat with fantastic fills, and a chord structure that’s loaded with character, yet delivered in a way that leaves ample space for a lot more to be happening on top -and this is the space that JPRiZM lives in.

 ‘Analog Dream’ is fun! While it does not attempt to break boundaries, it is a clear showcase of a solid producer who is incredibly good at what he does. He seems to love it too!