At Last by MICK J. CLARK


Croydon-based singer and songwriter Mick J.Clark released yet another slow rock commentary of the world…” At Last” is a lot more than just a song with great music and catchy melodies, which it does, but it transcends all of that…

The UK artist chose to talk about life, with all its hardships and cruelty, he used to say to his kids “One cuts the cake in half and the other one chooses the half that they want”…a very real analogy to what happens in life…and he even goes the extra 100 miles to create a song that will forever live in the world, a song that has some excellent insights into the world, the fighting that happens in it…and how women and children shouldn’t pay the price for that fighting.

Through excellent slow rock almost borderline folky approach, Mick serenades us with his excellent musicality, smooth vocals, and his unique performance with instantly catchy melodies…and super catchy lyrical flow, he manages to engage almost anyone who listens to music and sends his message to the world.

The music has very chill and laid-back folky elements to it, like the sliding guitar and piano playing…Mick is sharing a message of clarity and love to the world.

Even Though the song sits shy of 4 minutes, Mick’s lyrical performance makes it go by like it’s a minute or so…an absolute joy to experience such good music and an excellent message in one neatly and perfectly polished wrapped musical gift…and this gift is for the world.

Make sure to check Mick J. Clark‘s latest single “At Last” for a unique experience that’s the complete package.

Wishing Mick all the best in the world. I can’t wait to see what the awesome artist is cooking next.



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