Back & Forth by Illuzions


Miami summer vibes…

Sun setting after a long day…

Night life is waking up…

Illuzions brings us “Back & Forth”, a Miami-infused dark dance electro-pop song made with love and excellent vibes.

“Back & Forth” is actually a single from Illuzions’ upcoming EP “Unsound Desires”…and by experiencing what they’re doing with their music, it’s definitely going to be on fire and we can’t wait to experience the upcoming EP.

“Back & Forth” starts out hot, with the beat going pretty strong, hi-hats already dancing its way through the intro verses….coupled with silky vocals and a subtle breakdown with a focus on the vocals…it builds up from there to take you to the highest of highs…

The song has a very strong hypnotic feeling to it, it’s not that it’s downbeat…actually quite the opposite…but the nature of the sounds and vocals are very relaxing in a way that it opens up your heart to the beat…it makes the connection to the song’s energy more palpable.


“Back & Forth” is the kind of song that you’d put on repeat and obsess over its vibes…it’s really all about that, it puts you in the mood to feel good and keep living in that mood for its duration of 3 minutes…

…speaking of connection, let’s get to know the people behind Illuzions…

This project is the brainchild of Bayla G and Felium the co-founders, of an audiovisual electronic pop duo.

It is a must listen especially during the hot summer that we’re living in, it is the experience we need.

We wish the brilliant duo of Illuzions the best in life, they definitely deserve it and a lot more.


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