Be Free by Tallulah Rendall


This is my second time reviewing the great singer-songwriter Tallulah Rendall whose voice I fell in love with since I heard her ethereal rendition of the Gayatri Mantra. Her latest single, Be Free, uses that same voice in a totally different manner. While the song is still folky at its core, there are some amazing and different elements that took this song to the next level and I’ll be sharing some of them with you now.

To begin with, the song has a very beautiful tone and effect in its guitars that are accompanied by a harp in the intro and verses in the most angelic way you could possibly think of. The moment Tallulah’s grandiose voice joins the melodies, you can tell this is a vocalist that knows how to do her job so well. The emotional weight of the song is carried so effortlessly by her soft passionate malleable voice and the intonation is pin-point accurate…it’s rare to find a voice that sounds like an instrument of its own nowadays. 

The backing vocals add some more density, and the guitar strumming becomes more intense after the verse progresses into the chorus. There is a short refrain with some staccato humming/adlibs after the chorus too which really got me screaming in my chair from how perfect it sounded. 

As the song fades out after the last chorus/outro section, I was just left wanting more and more. The amount of replayability that every element here packs is unbelievable, and we have the producer(s) to thank for that. Tallulah Rendall has once again written and performed a goddess-tier masterpiece that deserves to be a regular on your playlists because of its uplifting mode, soul-nurturing vocals, and heavenly instrumentation. 



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