Bed Head by Close Drive


Close Drive’s latest single is a stylish piece of indie pop that drips with an equally stylish video that drips with a suburban charisma that gives the already pretty track an extra dimension.

Philly based indie rock and pop 4-piece outfit Close Drive are no strangers to the particular indie charm and character that they present on their latest recording ‘Bed Head’. Composed of John Antoni, Brandon and William Higgins, and Kevin Sullivan, Close Drive are inching their way forward toward recognition, and as a team, the group are readily capable of writing a gorgeous pop banger with memorable hooks and characterful performances. 

On ‘Bed Head’ we are presented with a stunner that is defined by a stone-solid groove from Sullivan, backing a gorgeously raspy rhythm guitar track that sounds deliciously straightforward, yet performed with enough zest and nuance to truly stand out as a unique rhythm guitar performance. Never failing to mention the song’s sublime composition, or the vocally explosive, unforgettable hook that features colorful yelps from the band’s lead vocalist Brandon Higgins, on top of melodic group oohs that totally elevate the chorus. 

The video’s simplistic forest and waterfall scenery are unquestionably beautiful. Shot in the (almost) wilderness of the state of Washington, the song’s rugged, outdoorsy locales play well off Higgins’s casual outfit, creating an accessible, relatable atmosphere that’s at once cozy and pretty. The band’s debut video is a promising start, and their debut production collaboration with Tyler Ripley represents a step in the right direction to the band’s ambitions and an increase in their production value for a final result that will be extremely hard to ‘get out of my head’.


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