Bellevue by EisZ


The Mandelieu-based beatmaker/producer, EisZ, is inviting us on a remarkable journey to witness the beauty of the south of France through his heart-felt, spirit-filled EP, “Bellevue.”


“Bellevue” is EisZ’s first EP, and throughout its four tracks, you’ll be mesmerized by the organic sound and sharpened musical prowess. The lasting seven-minute soundscape features smoothly blended jazz and hip-hop ingredients, soulful compositions, perky beats, and a pack of talented musicians, such as Odaiba, Jérôme Dragin on guitar, and Mireille Freydier on saxophone.

The EP starts with “Comes from the South”, which carries the EP’s concept in its title and melodies. I listened to this track at 6 AM and it was a heaven match! The natural sounds in the song and the natural morning visual in my window made a perfect compo juiced with peace and serenity. It kicks off with mellow piano notes and tranquil chords that make you believe you’re introduced to a jazz ballad, but soon the hip-hop flair emerges, with an “Ayoo” shout and steady beats. The cherry saxophone and soft guitar chords go together in harmony, giving the best glimpse of the south.

Moving to the title track, “Bellevue,” and its vibrant energy. As I’ve mentioned, I’m listening to the EP in the early morning, and this track got me wanting to get up and go running! It has a funky groove that gets you moving and a bouncy beat that gets you all hyped up. The hip-hop components are showing off here, leaving the subtle space for the sax to shine, the fatty bass line to kick, and the flute to add its touch.

“Soprana” has an atmospheric feel that lures you to grab a partner and dance slowly. The jazzy vibe is spreading, with the saxophone offering a poignant performance and the dreamy chords adding more fantasy. The soothing synth feels like dancing along with the sax, and there’s a background sound that feels like rain, making the vibe more poetic.

A night feel closes the EP with “Odyssée.” It has an edgy ambiance that is also funky in a way. The instruments are going wild in an intense scene, trying to battle but ending up complementing each other, giving us the best closure to this masterful EP. The dynamic percussion, tuneful synth, and bluesy riffs feel like the rhymed lines of a Greek Saga, and the sax is the tragic element that adds more depth. The outro gives the mark on ending the journey.

Isn’t it incredible to be able to go on a cultural tour through musical works of art? It’s been a pleasant adventure that certainly taught a lot about both the south of France and EisZ’s musicianship.


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