Better Guy by IVON ROBERTS


“A straight guy and a bisexual guy walk into a bar, see a girl they both fancy and a battle soon commences…in the form of a catchy synth-pop duet”…

…with such a unique premise for a song, you know you’re in for a unique musical experience…that’s Ivon Roberts and Cian O’Donoghue’s “Better Guy”.

The Londoner artists created a song with two lyrical, vocal, and melodic approaches in one song, blending Cian O’Donoghue & Ivon Robert’s unique vocal styles, the song achieves a high level of storytelling and musicality through this fresh approach.

“Better Guy” takes a pop electronic approach to its musicality while the vocals go back and forth between Cian’s smooth R&B performance and Ivon’s pop approach.

“Better Guy” doesn’t overstay its welcome, at all…actually it’s only 2 minutes and 35 seconds, which is becoming more and more prevalent than longer songs…it feels like a shot of a power drink, instantly hooking you and giving you a burst of energy through its music and varied vocal performances.

The electronic beats and UK garage elements definitely hook audiences right away…very powerful and very rhythmic, while the synthesizer sounds capture both the melodies and our hearts.

“Better Guy” is an instant hit of a song that could cater virtually to any and all music fans, it can play in a club, a movie, or blasting on your car’s speakers…anywhere it plays it will bring its energy across to the listeners.

“Better Guy” is a very enjoyable and focused musical ride for anyone.

Wishing the artists all the best in life and can’t wait to hear more of what they are doing…we’ll be on the lookout.




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