Beware Wolves Defies Status Quo In Commercial Music

March 10th Release of Volume 10 In Music Anthology


Austin, Texas –In the vastly changing 21st-century music world of listening preferences and audiences, Beware Wolves defies the status quo with established and new digital channels. Releasing a voluminous anthology with an unconventional, daring approach to musical genres – and other commercial music industry standards – Beware Wolves combines elements of Americana genres that listeners find familiar yet complex.

The first nine anthology volumes were released on August 3rd, 2022. The next eight volumes followed rapidly, with the 9th volume released on Aug. 31st.  This unprecedented music anthology will culminate in a 10th Volume release with twenty new songs on March 10th, 2023, bringing 101 Beware Wolves musical creations to complete the Anthology, mastered by the legendary and award-winning Don Bartley.

For music lovers, Beware Wolves’ anthology compellingly showcases a fresh and distinct new appeal for Americana – one that is being critiqued as a “raw, emotional, real, and sincere” Americana that is “up a notch.” It has been hailed as “a milestone in the history of music.”

A daring and unconventional concept – a concept as unconventional as the musical originator’s name: Beware Wolves.

Beware Wolves bring a new and exciting musical experience to life for the listener.


Press via Lightfinder Public Relations


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