Blurred Vision by Moon and Aries


Cologne, Germany based musical duo Moon and Aries are at it once again with a new single titled “Blurred Vision”…their iconic fingerprint of retro & futuristic genre-bending electro-cinematic-synth-pop is at a new height with their latest release.

“Blurred Visions” is one more excellent step in the very unique direction that Moon and Aries are taking…and claiming…this direction is a very unique one that combines electronic elements, fusing it with a cinematic storytelling approach, while mixing in their pop influences, making it a more accessible musical experience to basically any music audience.

Starting with the music production side of the equation…the instruments are almost taking a complete electronic direction, however, musically “Blurred Vision” is more of a cinematic experience with a strong storytelling approach…very evident in the dynamics of the production of this song.

…even how the song starts has this very unique storytelling DNA…

…and let’s not forget the energy this track carries into its beats…it’s very powerful, it’s packing quite the energy here, it’s something that you will definitely be able to move and vibe to.

Now looking at the vocals…this is where the melodic side of the equation starts to shine…

The vocal melodies hit very close to the heart, instantly engaging all listeners and getting them onboard the experience.

…and the heart that has been put into the vocal performance is on another level too…the emotional expression in the vocals is absolutely stunning…with harmonies and backing vocals that fills every little inch of the sonic realm.

Combining both the music and the vocals results in another extremely solid release for Moon and Aries…this could be one of the releases that sits very dear to me this year so far…a highly recommended experience to basically anyone.

Wishing Moon and Aries all the best in life.

Can’t wait to experience more of their unique musical approach.



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