Boundaries by Chengcheng


You don’t want to be an artist’s ex. Why? Since you will be a mortal in their work, and, once again, for the sake of clarity, you are an ex, he most likely won’t portray you in a favorable light. “Boundaries” by Chengcheng is a prime example of this. It’s what you can call “relationship closure,” where you can dance your partner’s memories out.

Chengcheng is a Shanghai-born, Los Angeles-based pop producer and songwriter. He has a bachelor’s degree in music production and engineering from Berklee College in Boston. The creative artist is clearly influenced by the dance-pop music scene, as demonstrated in his fresh single “Boundaries” and the glimpse of singles like Dua Lipa’s “Levitating” and Charlie Puth’s “Attention” in its peppy sound.

“Boundaries” is a dream pop take on what most think of and want to say after a breakup. After a breakup, one is left with some leftover emotions that they need to drop once and for all, and bouncing to “Boundaries’s” edgy, vibrant beats and singing along with the charismatic, playful vocal line would do this job.

Lyrical material explores relationship stages, from sweet nothing to almost throwing things. The fervent rhythm and the edgy wave are complemented by Chengcheng’s ardent voice with its sarcastic tone, creating the ideal aesthetic of a colorful canvas with dark sprinklings.

There may have been some influences to create such a sonic vitality, but Chengcheng certainly has his own artistic identity. He knows how to create a hit where each element is screaming out its characteristic and seamlessly blends with the others to produce an infectious tune that, once you hear it, won’t leave your head.