Bridge To Babylon by Olly Hite


There’s a type of love that can consume you in both good and bad ways, the kind that takes you to new heights and then drops you into strange galaxies. Olly Hite’s sentimental ballad, “Bridge To Babylon,” tells you more about this sort of unsustainable love through its serene atmosphere.

The UK singer/songwriter Olly Hite is a witty musician who crafts wonders with his soulful piano and warm vocals. His single “Bridge To Babylon” contains his captivating talents as a singer and songwriter. It is co-written and produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Robert Cutarella and released through Mesa Bluemoon Recordings, based in California.

“Bridge To Babylon” is a classic affection tale that conveys an extraordinary type of love through mellow fabrics of heartfelt elements. Whether you’re an emotional person or not, the piano-driven ballad is a 4-minute dose of soul-stirring; it simply has the ability to set the mood for a dreamy, enamored sense.

The single opens with Olly Hite’s silky vocal line, which is accompanied by tranquil piano. This captivating duo stays in tuneful sync, aiming to melt the heart. Olly Hite’s intimate voice has a can’t-be-ignored resemblance to The Beatles’ John Lennon. He has a nostalgic vibe that makes the song sound timeless.

While the song moves at a leisurely pace, the bridge is intense and bitter, illustrating the part where one wonders why the story ended: 

“Where did we go?

How could we be wrong?

Seems so strong.. together.

Where did we begin

to fall from Grace

And lose our way forever?”

Love brings peace into one’s life, and if it ends, looking back on its reminiscences brings longing and melancholy. “Bridge To Babylon” vulnerable narrative captures all these bittersweet emotions and offers a heartwarming yet heartbreaking delivery.


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