BTW by Josy B


An L.A Pop/R&B artist who released a new single “BTW” on the 29th of April this year and had over 30k streams on Spotify, “Josy B,” who started her music career in 2007 with “Red Rum” and kept leveling up since then with groovy beats.

The new single “BTW” was written by Sidnei Tipton and produced by Travis House, and the lyric video is so clean and gives a levitating vibe that can be listened to at a pool party while giving those moving beats in the song.

Put on your dancing shoes as Josy B’s music is rejuvenating with her sick beats similar to her latest singles “BTW” and “Crybaby,” which hit 90k streams and are popular among the dancers on Tiktok, as well as “XX bad,” and “Taknology.”

Josy’s music is worth listening to with a mix of old but gold R&B and modern music flow.


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