Can’t stand losing you by BIAS


I can’t stop listening to “Can’t Stand Losing You”’s reimagining, perfected by the awesome BIAS.

BIAS is an amazingly talented and established Italian music producer…and this is not his first ride reworking a classic hit song.

Coming all the way from Imola, Italy, BIAS has a very obvious talent, not just in music production, but in choosing and reworking the intricacies of a classic hit song and giving it these…wings, to let it take flight…one more time.

BIAS took “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, worked with singer Lorenzo “Montaxx” Montanari (former vocalist of the band Light This Night), and made it into this synthy chill experience.

..this time around, BIAS and Lorenzo, once again, take us through an experience, through reworking Police’s hit “Can’t Stand Losing You”.

First of all, the choice of song is absolutely phenomenal.

…and BIAS’s reimagining is simply brilliant.

I can’t wait to start talking about this experience…

…let me just get something out there…this is not a “cover”, I can’t describe it even remotely as a cover…this is more like…when you dream of someone, but you reimagine him in your dreams as something completely different, yet, he’s still the same person…but not…but he’s there, somewhere in your made up dream world.

…let’s jump into this experience…

The song starts out with a very relaxing dreamy distorted synth key sound that instantly captures you…

…everything is perfectly balanced, the synth arpeggiator, the keys, with the riser that takes you deeper into this dream.

The beat has this very pure analog electronic classic sound of the drum machines that made history headlines.

The production is top-notch, instrument sounds are chosen perfectly, the synths, the beat…the balance in mixing and mastering, are perfect…the structure is always exciting and gives the listener something new at each corner of the song…

Lorenzo’s vocals are the perfect match for the song, lyrics, and music…

When listening to the song…I got the feeling that Lorenzo recorded his vocals as if he was on stage, singing for a full-packed stadium…he’s energetic, and he’s really performing out there.

Speaking of Lorenzo’s vocals and the music production aspect of the whole experience…there is a specific part in the middle of the song where the music takes a step back…putting Lorenzo in the front of this dreamy world…but with an effect on his voice, like a bullhorn effect…

…as if he’s in your dream and calling you from miles away…

With all that high level of production and dedication, we can’t forget how impactful the mixing and mastering is…it was perfected by Michele Suzzi, which made the whole experience even more impactful.

You’re not just listening to a song here, you’re being part of a journey, and getting into an experience…the amount of love, dedication, and professionalism going into this track is out of this world.

I got hooked on BIAS’s works pretty quickly…check him out now!


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