Capture the moment by Moreofthem


This new single from London’s freshest underground darling moreofthem is a vibrant and empowering electro-pop cut that sounds fresh and is loaded with meaning. 

Malaysian non-binary artist moreofthem is based in London and a lot of musical efforts go into fostering an online and offline community of music lovers that’s inclusive, accepting, and empowering. With his latest single, titled ‘capture the moment’, moreofthem discusses the effects of social media consumption on our day-to-day interactions, and the potential pressures and anxieties this adds to our experiences and our acceptance of our own identities. 

A treasure trove of angles to look from, the song’s processed lyrics are upbeat and bright, contrary to the usual bleakness of this topic. moreofthem approaches the topic from a hip place and his delivery, both musical and lyrical, acts like a double entendre for the apparent innocence of social media despite all the proven harms. The chirpy soundscape is harmonically minimal, using only a couple of chords, but with dense and detailed production, the song ends up sounding nuanced and far more complex than it actually is, which showcases moreofthem’s talents as a producer and as a songwriter.

capture the moment is a fresh and exciting listen on a surface level. But dig a bit deeper and you’ll find a solid, meaningful core surrounding this colorful and cheerful exterior. Then dig a little deeper to find out that the song effortlessly fuses both musical joy and lyrical melancholy.


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