CHANCE by Onbar

Nino Panes

Life without love is unbearable, right? Although relationships are like a rollercoaster, we love, we get hurt, and just when we decide not to try again, someone appears and makes us think we should give them a “chance.” Onbar follows up his summer single “GOOD” with the dulcet “CHANCE,” which conveys being ready to fall in love again through its soul rhythm.

Troy Tuan Truong, AKA Onbar, is a gifted singer/songwriter from San Jose. He crafted his latest single, “CHANCE” which is set to be released right before Valentine’s Day with Orion Song as co-vocalist and writer and Patrick Hizon as a producer and writer.

“CHANCE” has such atmospheric components that set a serene, affectionate mood. The RnB/Soul single was dazzling and ready to go after only two days of work. This trio has notable chemistry, and their skills blend well together to produce a coherent piece.

The song starts with a mellow intro, and it maintains a peaceful ambiance throughout. Onbar’s vocals are dreamy and tuneful, and his soulful performance makes every lyric sincere and urges one to build their own scenario of falling in love. Orion Song sings in the second verse, and he adds more intimacy with his warm vocals.

The easygoing synth and slightly pulsating beats back the vocal line smoothly, giving it the space it needs to shine. The entire musical composition is delicately composed to fit the feeling of light butterflies when the heart begins to flutter for someone. It lures one into a slow dance where Onbar’s voice tells you how to move and the melody helps you sway freely.

Onbar is a truly promising musician who plays it fair and square. He doesn’t exaggerate; he doesn’t settle for tacky love songs; instead, he effortlessly lets his silky vocals and passionate writing steal the show and stir the hearts.