Counting Backwards by Tony Volker


London-based artist Tony Volker teases his upcoming record “The Black Vault” with the atmospheric single “Counting Backwards” on the 11th of November, 2022. Volker continues spreading awareness about mental health problems with his music, this time tackling the struggles and grief that came along at the time of the pandemic. So, let’s see how it goes. 

With classic mellow arpeggios mixed with atmospheric synths, Tony Volker opens “Counting Backwards” as he sets the song’s mood blueprint. It has a subtle melancholic mood creatively delivered by Volker’s musicianship, using different effects, synths, and melodies in perfect harmony and consistency. Tony Volker‘s warm soothing vocals added a lot to the song’s melodic and emotional progress, contributing a deeper layer of feelings to that stream of fluid melodies within the progressing structure of “counting Backwards”.

“Counting Backwards” is a beautifully arranged and structured touching tune by Tony Volker, it shows real musicianship and skill in writing and mixing such a multi-layered piece with perfect harmonies and emotions. Looking forward to more from Tony Volker, will definitely be keeping an eye on his work, cheers!