Curiosity by The Kaz Experiment


 Yet another entrancing piece of instrumental piano music from Karen Harding’s relatively fresh new project ‘The Kaz Experiment’. Curiosity does an amazing job of sounding just like its title.

 Based in Melbourne, Australia, The Kaz Experiment is the recently created experimental and instrumental musical project of singer and songwriter Karen Harding. Aiming to create piano-driven instrumental pieces, the latest offering from The Kaz Experimental is the elusive and beautiful ‘Curiosity’.

 The piece’s snarky-sounding piano is interesting and made my ears perk for what is coming next, and the music itself managed to satisfy my curiosity with exceeding elegance. The piece’s few chords sound familiar, but dramatic and not devoid of mystique. The melodies that are sprinkled on top are soothing and managed to get my head nodding in playful agreement throughout the piece. Delightful and perky, the piece’s few melodies are exquisitely crafted with a lively pace and gentle variation.

 Curiosity is a simple piece of music that’s simply sweet and entertaining. Proving once again that a piece of music really does not need much to be entertaining and beautiful. A lot of modern songwriters can learn a lot from The Kaz Experiment’s simplistic and sincere approach.



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