Dance On Your Own by DJ Industrial Badger


Artist DJ industrial badger released a banging electronic pop song called ‘Dance on your own”, on the 2nd of October, from Columbus, US. The song belongs to the Band TKB, which are 5 young men from the ages 12-23. Their influences include Justin Beiber, Shawn Mendes, and Bruno Mars. 

The song is all about reminding you that even if you get turned down or rejected, there is fun and joy when you dance on your own. The overall sound of the song is vibrant and upbeat with an undertone of undetectable sexiness that’s coming from the beat of the song.

The soundscape is totally danced with a groovy tune, with a medium-paced rhythm. It’s a clubby song that requires you to put on your best outfit and vibe to the song. The musical arrangement is packed with hard-hitting drum sets and prominent cymbals that set the pace and tone of the beat, one string guitar playing sound effect, a beautiful electric guitar that swooshes in, and a subtle bass that creates the melody in addition to the oohing sound effects. The vocals are smooth and sexy with a lot of fun sound effects to add richer tunes to the song. It’s definitely a good vibes song!


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♬ Dance on Your Own (Dancin’ Badger Mix) – DJ Industrial Badger & The Kid Brothers


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