Death Trap by Joshua Ketchmark


When musicians try to share an encouraging message of moving forward and not giving up, they usually do so with a vibrant sound and an ardent performance to energize the listeners. Joshua Ketchmark doesn’t go this route. In his single, “Death Trap,” he takes a soulful approach that makes the listener feel as if a friend is giving them sincere advice based on his own personal experiences.

“Death Trap” is one of the singles from the tenth studio album, ‘BLOOD,” by the Nashville-based artist Joshua Ketchmark. It was written by the sentimental musician himself and is inspired by his upbringing in the Midwest, two and a half hours south of Chicago, IL. 

The song starts off with mellow guitar chords that are soon joined by Ketchmark’s melodic vocals with their heartfelt storytelling and tender yet hoarse timbre. The almost five-minute tune has a minimalist production; nevertheless, it’s more than enough to build an ethereal atmosphere.

The touching lyrical content urges one to paint a picture of their own, including both the melancholic parts and where they saw the light at the end of the tunnel. It feels like the vocals are your inner voice telling you: 

“So give all you got.

Try and take me apart.

Never know when to stop.

But you can only push me so far.”

I wouldn’t think for a second that a song titled “Death Trap” would be this lighthearted and soul-charging. But again, Joshua Ketchmark doesn’t go for what’s ordinary, whether it’s a title, a performance, or harmonies. He’s an exceptional artist, indeed!