Diego Federico Releases Captivating New Single ‘Au Revoir’


Following the success of his single ‘Drop It’, Diego Federico is ready to enchant listeners with his new alt-pop anthem ‘Au Revoir’, releasing on June 7th. This track showcases Federico’s unique style, combining orchestral string stabs, rich sliding melodies, and a crisp drum bounce. His expressive performance, complemented by fuzzy synth leads and delicate percussive sparkles, creates an infectious atmosphere.

Federico explains the song’s theme: “When you’re supposed to trust each other and support each other, and your love chooses to follow someone else’s advice and turns their back on you, you are allowed to walk away and say bye-bye.”

Italian-born and raised in a bilingual household, Federico’s creative journey began early with music, dance, make-up, and fashion. Learning piano and singing in choirs led him to Performing Center Austria. After graduation, he gained recognition through TV shows and musical theatre.

By 2021, Federico joined Starmania’s Live Shows, releasing his debut single ‘Nation Of Art’ and follow-up ‘Son Of A Titan’. With several successful singles, Federico’s energetic alt-pop style has positioned him as a rising star.

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