Dont Let Me Fall Music Video by Elina Filice


Elina Filice is an entrepreneur, singer, and songwriter who swept her audience off their feet from the start. She hooked them with her presence, identity, and of course, music since she started her releases in 2018. One of her widely acclaimed and recognized tracks is “Thinking of You,” released in 2020 with over 1.4M listeners on Spotify only.

Aside from her singing career, Elina founded the music marketing startup “Drop Rocket,” which allows independent artists to release music and control it, using innovative management software.

Filice just released a music video for last year’s single “Don’t Let Me Fall.” It was shot and edited by Kim Philms, at Lunar Studios Toronto. The song starts with a melancholy vibe, then by the chorus, it turns into an infectious dance track that’ll get you swaying along. The music video is an interpretation of a state of mind; where depression takes over, slowly creeps on you, and takes over till you can’t recognize yourself anymore. The using of ‘hands’ was a metaphor for the darkness that pulls you down. You will notice how the lyrics are incorporated with the movements and choreography, like lyrical dancing, it’s a must-watch!


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