Drive by Matt Makk


Highways always inspire artists same as road trips, this time the i5 highway in LA inspired Matt Makk to write his new single ‘Drive’.

Originally from Louisville, KY. The rapper/producer Matt Makk released ‘Drive’ on his trip from Kentucky to California influenced by the red lights on LA’s i5 highway influenced by the thrill of driving fast cars.

Drive’ begins with a reverb piano melody that sounded a lot close to the intro to Future’s Turn On the Light” which is one of Matt’s major influences.

Composed also by the artist, the beat is energetic despite the mellow piano intro it fills up the air with the bass boost and the sharp snare sound.

Matt Makk’s flow and rhymes are yet to emerge as the track contained a verse of 4 bars and a chorus of 7 bars only; which is considered a teaser for Matt’s rapping skills given the track’s short length which should’ve been longer to boldly present the rapper’s rapping and producing skills.

Take a listen to the track and tell us what u think.