Enemies in Love by Angus Quinn

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Angus Quinn is a unique, expressive artist who just released his new single ‘Enemies in Love’. 

He’s a producer, in-demand writer, and a featured artist since he released his previous singles ‘Fading Blue’ featuring Cassidy Ford and ‘Hard to ignore’ in 2020 from which he received great recognition and hundreds of views. Quinn is based in the Washington DC metro area. He’s mainly focused on alternative folk genres and songwriting. Apart from his award-winning singles, the artist records covers of hit songs that fall within his vocal style at his home studio and uploads them on his YouTube channel, while adding his aesthetic and vibe to these songs. 

‘Enemies in Love’ is his latest single, a sweet and simple tune that sets you in a chill, relaxed mood with synths, a comfortable chord progression, a few guitar notes, and a very noticeable voice, leaving you hung on the ambiance it sets you in. 

Quinn is expected to release a 4-song self-produced EP on May 31st which seems very promising and we’re looking forward to enjoying his ambiance and unique vocal style.