EP: Angels Of Annunciation by Charlie Rauh

Tyran Grillo

Today I’ll be reviewing Charlie Rauh’s new EP, “Angels of Annunciation”. Charlie Rauh is a NYC-based Guitarist and Composer, currently signed to the Austin-based label “Destiny Records”. He released 7 harmonious guitar lullabies to treat our ears to some good music.

One of my absolute favorites off this EP is definitely “The Plum for Courage”. Melodious guitar, that shows that Rauh is really pushing the boundaries of what one can do with a guitar! Mellow but in a sweet way, makes me glad its the longest track in the EP. Another favorite of mine would be no other than “Angels of Annunciation”. Named after Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s book “Gift from the Sea”, it’s definitely at the top of my list. Closing my eyes whilst listening to this track makes me feel like I am at home, wherever that may be.. Though I did not think that it necessarily fit the EP, “The voices that can make us hear ” had a very nice beginning, with guitar licks that are both twangy and super tasteful. If anyone can master those licks, it would be Rauh!

In conclusion, I am absolutely in awe of how far we as humans are going in regards to playing guitar. Rauh proved himself with this EP to be a pioneer in his field as a guitarist and composer, and not only does his music sound amazing, I love how they have an idea to them, like this EP which was a story-telling experience about Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Bravo Charlie, amazing work!


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