EP: Crack a Smile by Saticöy


Award-winning for the best pop track and best contemporary R&B track in 2021, “Saticöy” published their most recent EP release, “Crack a Smile,” on the 25th of May, 2022. Saticöy are currently on the go, with a lot of fun live performances throughout this year with great pop tracks that have been released recently.

The band was assembled by its members; Derek Long (on guitar and vocals) with an awesome voice that adds plenty of vibes to their tracks; Jaron Takach (on drums and production) who has a great sound that gets you head-bopping; Tim Greer (on keys/synth and saxophone) adding a special smooth playing during any song that was created with his saxophone and keys; and Jonny Averbook (on bass/synth bass, and guitar) who adds a deep tone to the tracks with his bass. They met in college-except for Greer-and played in a local jam band, and eventually put together their talents and synced together to create their own project, “Saticöy.”

The songwriting on the title track, “Crack a Smile,” gets you attached to its melody and lyrics, and singing along with it, as the lyrics rhyme really well with the music. Since their release, there has been utter confidence that lit them up with greatness and extraordinary talent that caught a lot of different people’s attention with their soothing rich vocals and instrumental creations in their tunes that are a mix of Alternative Rock and Soul Pop. Also, being the famous cool kids in the town has made a great impression on them to go on with creating more awesome and impressive music of their own.

There is a beautiful motivation hidden in the lyrics, such as, “Take your lessons from your losses.” They’ve got really great opportunities and I am pretty sure that they’re going to have massive tours with great music coming up that will hype up the crowd.

I totally can say that they immensely showed a great deal of innovative mind while creating their video for the track “Crack a Smile” that gives out some positive vibes to your day and kicks you up with some cool electro beats. It’s like listening to it while having a drink with your friends will give you crazy ideas to do and will literally crack a smile on your face with the idiotic things that come to one’s mind.


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