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At only the age of 10, Aanvi fell in love with music and since then she’s pursuing it with absolute passion…already released 2 songs that were met with huge praises and a handwritten note from the former prime minister, Aanvi is breaking boundaries and going into uncharted territories.

Aanvi’s latest release is not a single anymore, she’s now releasing a 4 track EP titled “Emotions”…further solidifying her place as the youngest exceptional Kiwi artist…with dreams of being the youngest New Zealander to ever win a Grammy.

“Emotions” is-as the title suggests-a huge spectrum of emotions put together in a very compact and concise album.

Starting out the album with the very energetic pop funk song “Light”…

It’s a very uplifting and upbeat intro experience into the album and a very catchy one at that.

The funky guitar strumming is pretty iconic here…the song is also 2 minutes and 42 seconds, so it’s once again concise and to the point…and the point here is to suck you into this experience that’s about to start…and this is only the beginning…

Going into the second song “Speak Up”…Aanvi maintains the energy going so far…this song has both subtle and downbeat sections and energetic upbeat choruses.

…the lyrics here are exceptionally hopeful and the feeling that these words are coming from Aanvi, especially at that young age is remarkable…such an amount of positivity and energy have to be seen from the whole world.


Dialing back the energy dial back a bit in the next song “Mirror”, Aanvi takes us on a piano driven pop ballad experience with some hip-hop influences on the beat section…a very welcome mix.

With “Change Myself”, Aanvi taps into her emotional anthemic side…this song is all about bringing people together…which is actually a theme in “Emotions” and with this song it’s one of those songs that actually get people singing together…highly anthemic with catchy vocal melodies….

Aanvi is surely a force to be reckoned with, at only 10 she’s already made huge waves with her talent, we can only see her star shine brighter by the day.

We can’t wait to see what Aanvi has to show the world…we’ll be on the lookout.

Wishing Aanvi all the best in the world.



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