EP: Miss Daisy – Wheel of fortune by Miss Daisy

Sandra Ronnedal

Independent artist Miss Daisy will release a diverse and eclectic four-song EP titled “Wheel of Fortune” on the 17th of march from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Miss Daisy is an acoustic songwriter and performer and has been for 20 years. She had been performing her songs in Sweden, and she has recently come to the decision of recording her own original material, that’s only been heard by local ears until now.

Miss Daisy and producer Daniel Bergius came across one another half a year ago, and they immediately had musical and creative chemistry, which led to the creation and production of Miss Daisy’s EP “Wheel of Fortune”.

“Wheel of Fortune” features four songs in four completely different styles, which is completely unique about it, and shows the range that the duo of Miss Daisy and Daniel Bergius have together in creating music from all different genres.

While all four songs are stylistically different from each other, they have more in common thematically and in terms of energy level. The whole EP is mellow and melodically upbeat, and that seems to be the main unifying aspect of this record.

The first song on the EP “More” draws a lot from Latin pop, and is a groovy and soulful song about a growing love, with Miss Daisy’s songwriting, singing, and Daniel Bergius’s production, instrumentation, and backing vocals.

“A Little Time” the second song on “Wheel of Fortune” is a reggae tune, going from one continent to another swiftly in this diverse multi-cultural EP, yet, tying the first and second songs are Miss Daisy’s consistent songwriting, performance, and Daniel Bergius’s professional and top quality performance that maintain the energy still going through the EP.

“I Am Running” and “Jag Ser” from the latter half of the EP, and while both are rock songs, “I Am Running” is an acoustic folk rock song in English, and “Jag Ser” is a Swedish pop rock song. This tells that even in rock, Miss Daisy can find ways to utilize the unique range of her musical influences. 


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