EP: seeing red feeling blue by Josh Savage


Summer Vibes from Berlin! Josh Savage has just dropped his newest EP titled “seeing red feeling blue”. This EP not only showcases an iconic Folktronica sound but also highlights the true magic when the audience engages with the artist to create a masterpiece together. Let me share more about his incredible journey.

The independent musician Josh Savage was eager to share his songwriting and preparation journey in the EP press kit. With his emotionally powerful vocals, the five-song EP will captivate your attention. I appreciate how the lyrical themes revolve around his personal experiences and feelings, inviting you to immerse yourself in his journey. As mentioned earlier, this record was a collaboration between Josh and his fans. It was a remarkable experience as it was funded through Music NFTs, presenting a new model for independent artists. Josh Savage elaborated, “I shared the recording process with my Patreons and NFT holders, making this a truly collaborative effort.”

While I’m not particularly drawn to genres such as folktronica, electro-pop, and alternative pop, I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the blend! The skillful incorporation of guitars, pianos, strings, and even synth atmospheres is truly impressive. This record has undoubtedly elevated to a significant international status.

Josh, originally from London, brought up in Paris, and currently residing in Berlin, presents a five-song EP that offers both diversity and a distinct experience for listeners. His clever approach of “short but sweet” in each track, though brief, manages to leave a lasting impression on the audience. I won’t delve into each track’s details now as I’m eager for you to listen to the EP and provide your feedback. In conclusion:

  • “Fight Another Day”: blends upbeat rhythms with melancholic lyrics, emphasizing perseverance.
  • “Echoes”: explores how small gestures can have lasting impacts.
  • “Heaven on Earth”: celebrates finding someone special.
  • “Winner”: advises against comparison, urging self-acceptance.
  • “Sleep on It”: emphasizes patience and reflection for clarity.

Josh Savage introduces a fresh perspective for indie artists globally by involving his fans not just as project backers but also for their input and engagement in the music. I am eagerly anticipating his next release, and mark my words… Josh Savage is destined to be a highly influential artist in the near future. Cheers to that!