EP: Shine on You by Piperlain


The latest EP by Piperlain is called shine on you. Composed of four tracks with a common message of love and appreciation for nature and on a bigger scale, The universe.

Let’s dive into these four masterpieces I very much enjoyed and see what they’re all about.

1- I Feel The Sun

Composed of very nostalgic chords beginning with a clean and calm progression picking more momentum as the song progresses. One of my favorite things about the composition is the subtlety and great impact of the bassline and the way it supports the chord progression. The general mode of the song is highly uplifting as it speaks about how a person coming out of quarantine felt the sun grace on their face.

2- Shine On You 

The first thing that came to my mind was “Magnificent vocals”. I presume that the song revolved around the vocal line which is the main attraction. The lofi piano lines made it feel like we are the sole survivors of a dystopian future. The acoustic guitars and drums hit home in a way that transmits the listener from outer space back home. “A world that hides the truth” is a lyric that brings you to chill. What I like most about the song is the key change, it helps to make the song very interesting which is a skill not so many musicians can utilize.

3- I Don’t Miss You

More groundbreaking vocals which feel very rich and intimate start the song along with a lofi synth beat. Guitars and drums join and surround you with a climactic atmosphere. The instrumental part is very rich and shines well creating a balance between the vocals and the instruments. A very well-balanced track where more indie and folk elements show up.

4- Bloom

A very catchy name to begin with. Lyrics, vocals, and music are very in touch with nature and the rawness of the recording and the tribal-sounding percussion capture how the artists are reconnecting with nature and with their craft that they had been away from during the dire times of the pandemic. I especially loved how the tone of the piano gives a very vintage feeling.

In conclusion, this is an album that encaptures the feeling of longing for nature and for being in your element. The artwork is especially a tribute to nature, outer space, and the love of your significant other- all wholesome and heartwarming blessings we almost forgot about during the dire times of the pandemic. From a lyrical and musical standpoint too, the album is much tighter than your average indie record and it is a golden find that you will really appreciate on first listen and probably even repeat too.


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