With club beats, edgy words, and essential, electrified pop vibes, Hilary Roberts’s first release of the year is a fresh, immediately grabbing, and accessible cut of hot summer pop.

Hailing from Texas, Hilary Roberts is a singer and a songwriter whose first drop of 2023 is the banging ‘Euphoria’, a dance club-ready cut rich with boomy sub bass, impassioned vocal deliveries from the talented Roberts, and a wholesome production job that gives us a product of the most pristine quality. Displaying a healthy departure from the rest of Roberts’s work, which is generally more mellow, ‘Euphoria’ showcases Hilary’s wide-reaching creative agencies. 

Euphoria’s electrified pop vibes do not stand in their way of becoming melodic, warm, and intricately composed. The song’s production is a testament to why she is the proprietor of three different Billboard-charting singles, particularly on the dance charts. Immaculately done, the song’s punchy beats and crisp, smooth, and booming synth bass sound tasty in the mix, and Hilary’s own performance, processed and purified never for one moment lose track of their organic warmth, in spite of warping, remaining charismatic and confident throughout. 

‘Euphoria’ is yet another showcase of Hilary Roberts’s abilities as a songwriter and as a performer, and released through her own Red Songbird label, she does not lack artistic entrepreneurship skills as well. A delicious scoop of larger-than-life electropop.





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