Folklore by Dario Acosta Teich


Dario Acosta Teich is an immaculate player who comes from San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina, and is fond of making sensational jazz & Latin American music. Dario is so talented that he played along with various legendary players who are admired by a lot of musicians.

He himself has an exceptional skill and enthusiastic talent that he plays for us a fantastic mix of Latin music on his records. He has finished a melodious album, “Folklore,” that was released on the 20th of May, 2022 with a total of 8 songs of a beautiful texture of guitar playing and collaborating with Franco Pinna on the drums, Julio Botti on sax, Alex Brown on the keyboard, and Fernando Huergo on bass. They added a great imaginative melody to this album.

The song that got my attention and totally got into my head is the one called “Como Antes,” which translates to “As Before.” It starts with a lovely guitar solo that lasted smoothly for a minute and a half and was mesmerizing.

Then comes the sax playing, which gets you into a groove and makes you feel in harmony, followed by the singing of a gentle vocal. The music composition is totally on point for me. It is worth listening to and having your anxious mind calmed. Dario has just released a video clip for “Como Antes” which features two special guests: Eleanor Dubinsky on vocals and Jaques Morelenbaum on the cello. The vocals of Dario and Eleanor, which were sung in a harmonically clear manner, are equally important to the work.

Dario comes from a talented family, as he exclaimed in a post that his cousin and musician, Beno Guelbert, has helped him with naming the piece “ Como Antes.” He has an amazing amount of support and love for his work from a lot of musicians and fans, such as myself.

My second favorite is “Encuentro,” as it gives me the same vibe as “Como Antes.” Listening to one piece after another gives you a great image of how the pieces seem to be linked to each other in a way. The album is worth listening to whenever you sit by the sunny window with the summer breeze in the air, imagining your city streets turning into green, wide fields with some Argentinian vibes. And if you already live in the country, embrace the divine beauty!

Edited by: Viola Karmy


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