Follow the Rules by Carter Lagrant


‘Follow the Rules’ brings us one more song from Carter Lagrant, where we get more of his dark, electronically tinged alt pop, conscious lyrics, and entertaining deliveries across the board.

Originally from the Ukrainian capital Kiev, Lagrant is based in Warsaw. His latest release, titled ‘Follow the Rules’ is about breaking cultural and societal stereotypes set for each of us, boldly stating that he does not want to follow any of these rules. Beneath Lagrant’s bold and relatable lyrics is a heart of reverb-laden electronica that’s neatly produced and tightly packaged.

 From its hollowed out and distant-sounding piano riff, the song’s atmosphere is decidedly cavernous, and the battering electronic beats, spaced out and relatively sparse, heighten that sense of space. Carter Lagrant’s vocals range on the song from fed up and effortlessly delivered lines, to more yelled and confrontational ones, transitioning between the two colors with relative ease that’s a hallmark of a capable vocalist. The simplistic composition of the song amplifies the sense of space that Lagrant offers with his arrangement and production.

The beautiful set of elements that define Carter Lagrant’s latest creation are niftily put together in a terrific production job that must have been backed by a strong vision on Lagrant’s side. Boomy beats, melancholic composition, snaky melodies and hearty deliveries, the results are outstanding. A piece of dark pop that’s easily comparable with the best out there.



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