Gayatri Mantra by Tallulah Rendall


By definition, what separates mantras from a regular anthem or hymn is that a mantra has to have a divine spiritual cause that changes the lives of those who listen to it and guides them spiritually onto the path and energy of those who pray with it. The mantra before us today is called “Gayatri Mantra” by UK-based artist Tallulah Rendall and serves as the closing track of her album. 

The strength of this mantra is in how it transcends every language and belief barrier and puts the listener in a state of hypnosis and nirvana that I never thought would be reachable in a language I don’t speak. Tallulah herself states that the age-old Gayatri Mantra has helped her overcome physical and emotional pain and sorrow whenever she listened to them. 

The musical arrangement is simple and feels natural despite being electronic and to some degree experimental, it really feels like guided meditation with a score. The element of divinity comes from Tallulah’s voice and how strongly her vowels resonate…you could feel how much she’s an avid believer in the power of this mantra from how larger-than-life her voice sounds here.

 The techniques she uses are a balance between some classical and modern, where some vowels are round and closed while others are more open and sound like modern music. She’s really a force to be reckoned with, and the way her vocals are mixed in a way that puts a strong single layer on top of all the other elements of the song lets the listener feel the emotional impact of the mantra much more.

In conclusion, this is a mantra that addresses the divine powers of the creator, asking to be guided into the path of power and prosperity by them. Tallulah’s vocals make what was an already empowering mantra much more powerful due to the killer execution and top-notch techniques she has mastered with her voice.


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