Age is just a number, we count our days on the planet through it and that is it. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it said that the older a person gets, the more tendency they might reach the search for self-actualization, a stage where they want to be themselves and no one else.

Hailing youthfully from Werribee, Australia, ‘Dragnfly Industri the mother of 3 boys is releasing her debut single titled ‘Ghost’, and it’s mind-blowing to be able to still hang on to your passion that much after adulthood.

The track has a concept claiming it’s never too late to pursue your dreams and relive your passion and never let go of Who You Are. And it applies that as if there is a ‘Ghost’ that is controlling our minds telling us always it’s too late making us gutted in despair and letting go of what we dream of. 

As the track begins with a far wide range of choirs alongside some mellow keyboard rhythms and then Jo Maloney with her calming aged vocal lines followed by some sharp edgy clean guitar tones addressing her ‘Ghost’ that is just inside her mind.

The bass and drum lines were amazing in tone but the drums needed a bit more mastering as they sound a bit rawer given the track was originally written as a pop track. Though I’m not really acknowledging that this track is pop, I believe it’s more of a rock single than a pop one. Yet the drums kept a cool signature carrying along the levitation of the vibe of the track.

Vocals of Jo were astonishing and mesmerizing and gave some sort of feeling of satisfaction of what a person has achieved, then the high note choirs hit closer by the fin of the track with very motivational and inspiring vocal choirs that make you want to get off and pursue a long lost and forgotten dream.

‘Ghost’ falls between self-awareness and self-actualization. Listen to it and tell us the dream you wish to pursue!


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