Good Kind of Hurt by Charlotte Morris


Charlotte Morris is an Americana, Folk, Pop, and Country singer-songwriter residing in Nashville, Tennessee. As a singer and songwriter with a wide range of skillsets, Charlotte is equally at home in folk and modern rock. There are various artists she admires, like Delta Rae, Brandi Carlile, Sara Bareilles, Liz Longely, and folk legends like Peter and Joni Mitchell, who inspire her work. She recently released her new single “Good Kind of Hurt” available on Spotify. 

The song begins with an optimistic yet sorrowful piano riff. The song sounds like a darker, more mature rendition of an early Taylor Swift composition belonging to her earlier discography (the song “Innocent” comes to mind).

Charlotte is unafraid to boldly convey her innermost thoughts and feelings in her songs, which deal with serious subjects such as addiction, PTSD, and other forms of substance abuse. In it, Charlotte provides the song’s subjects a glance in the mirror while also reassuring them that there is still hope and a second opportunity. 

Infusing the listener with a range of feelings from grief to comfort and hopefulness, the track’s slow-tempo percussion and piano enhance the bittersweet tone of the song.