Grifter by Kneel’n Rey


Kneel’n Rey released their song ‘Grifter’ two years ago, accompanied by an outstanding animated music video directed by Kennedy Rothchild. Today, the video has over 51K views on Youtube.

‘Grifter’ is the second single from their debut album ‘Atlantium’ which is out on all streaming platforms.

The song carries a psychedelic vibe and kicks off with an atmospheric intro that engages right in with your own imagination. 

In fact, the whole structure of the song is different. The overall track’s melody has a catchy, tuneful tune that smoothly takes you to the centre of the song. Even the song’s outro contains a concise electric guitar solo that stays with you.

The vocals are clear and confident. It didn’t go for the usual verses, choruses, and bridges. Instead, it was a flow of original, punchy lyrics with a perfect rhyme about misinterpreting how people see you.

We can happily say that “Grifter” remarkably delivered a new wave of sound from the legendary.

Edited by: Mercedes Thomas


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