Guy Like You by The Art Crimes Band


From Cork city, Ireland, comes an R&B/Soul band that came from just jamming with friends in the bar to officially go through their own music. “The Art Crimes Band” came out with their new song “Guy Like You” that was released on the 4th of February, 2022.

After having a tough time during COVID that had rough restrictions on them to meet up and edit the music, as it was hummed by the vocalist Grace McMahon while they were sitting at the bar back in 2017 and kept swiping through her dating app. looking for the man she would dress up for and meet her expectations, Niall Dennehy said in an interview that later the same night Grace sent a voice message humming and singing some of the lyrics and they started recording this hit song “Guy Like you” that has a soft progressive sound to it.

Grace’s voice is smooth and attractive with the Saxophone played by Gary Baus, the wafting mellow Bass and guitar by Tim O’Leary and Stephen Kirby, sweeping gently fingers on the piano and keyboards, Katie O’Donnell, also, the multi-talented drummer Niall Dennehy, that was assembled perfectly to fit this band’s great musicianship.

This band is going somewhere with these marvelous songs that are in the making,wants to take it to another arena” Quote by Niall, that is excited after the pandemic to deliver awesome music when they pinned down their genre that suits their vocals and instruments. After creating their album “Radio” in 2015, there was no specific genre they were vibing with, till they got the exact vibe out of being a soulful R&B band.

“If you don’t use your talent it will be taken away from you” John Mayor advised Eric Clapton to encourage him.


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